Last Friday I went antiquing with MrsZtp. We happened to come across this HW 100% for $5! That’s a steal, as 100% cars can go for $7-$10+ easily.

I like this casting, it’s sort of ‘out there’ in its graphic paint design. I’m usually not a fan of weird stuff like this, but it works well for this casting.

As you can see the Beetle is set up for drag racing; bigger tires in the back and a custom exhaust system. As most 100% cars, HW did an amazing job with painting it. It looks sharp.

As you can see, the exhaust pipe sticks out a bit, which is a nice touch. Also...

The engine is all chrome! The under side has some chrome pieces too, I just forgot to take a pic of it, :p.

Here it is sitting amongst my other Beetle castings.

Again, with the other Beetles.

Would I recommend this casting? Totally, completely, yes. It’s a fun casting that brings its own unique style to any collection. I’m glad I found this, :). Now it needs to race upon the streets, :).