So father's day is coming up, and my wife bought a gift for me, in place of my daughter, since my daughter is 1 and can't really do it yet. My wife asked me what I wanted, I gravitated towards this, so this is what I got. A Hot Wheels 1:24 El Toro Loco Monster Truck. Bask in its glory!

I know what you're thinking, it's not even father's day yet! Well, this is what happens when the toy (in the box still) is within reach of your toddler, and she carries it around the house and it's too cute not to give her the chance of playing with it. Of course, as soon as I opened it she started throwing it around the house, and once you take it away from her she cries. It was an interesting day. Might I mention my two favorite trucks are El Toro Loco and Grave Digger? I saw them live once, it was epic.

Anyways, the truck body is actually diecast, except for the horns, those are plastic. The rest of the body is plastic as well. It's one of those "you get what you pay for" type of deals, and this was $9.99. I'm quite happy with it.

Here's a front view of the truck. I love it's menacing snarl, very aggressive. The gold tooth is a nice touch. Its quite obvious, but the black and silver plastic sorta glares back at you. It isn't a top-notch type of diecast, it's meant for Monster Truck fans, namely kids, to have a large truck to play it. I don't mind it.

Look at the bed of the truck, I love the tubular chassis sticking out. From what I can tell, the body paint is dead-on accurate. Monster trucks are essentially tubular chassis' with a fiberglass body put on top of it. So this is quite realistic, which I like. I was going to say something about how the tubular chassis doesn't seem accurate paint-wise, but a quick Google search showed me that there has been multiple bodies of "El Toro Loco", this being one of them.

Not sure how accurate the engine is, but this was an awesome touch. It's in the correct place on the car as well.

Now here is something really neat. The front and rear axles are live (i think that's what is it, they spin together). So if one wheel goes up, the other is still connected and goes at an angle. Hot Wheels made this into an advantage. Behold....

Awesome, isn't it? Here's a rear view. Look at the passenger rear tire, that silver plastic to the far left is where the axle passes through. That piece is at, I believe, a 45 degree angle. And if you look at both of the rear tires, they are horizontal to each other.

Here is a side view of the same pose. Both of the driver side tires are touching the ground. I mean, that is really cool how they did that.

Monster Trucks, for me, brings out my inner 7 year-old. They are big, crush cars, and when the axle breaks in the middle of a freestyle competition; you can't help but enjoy it (I've seen it happen, it's awesome). If you have never seen a Monster Truck show, I highly recommend it.


Anyways, you probably aren't wondering where I have El Toro Loco displayed in my house. Don't worry, I'll show you anyways. I thought the spot was perfect.