Hot Wheels 100% Shelby GT350H from PlasticPrints

So I’m a little behind in showing off my HWEPs (and RAOKs) for the last few months. I don’t trade a whole lot, but I do get quality stuff when I do.

First up is a Racing Champions Mint Pacer received from Frosted. He also sent several other bonus cars, including a Studebaker Avanti TH.

The HW Boulevard Pacer is a RAOK from Vdubyajohn. I’d been looking for this one for a while. Excellent choice Vdub.

These two Datsuns (among other things) came via AlienProbe express, in return for a stock car that is much better off being appreciated by his family than in storage with me. The Bluebird is absolutely mint, so into the protector it went.


Finally, I’ve had a standing trade with PlasticPrints going for a while now. We seem to find things weekly on each other’s lists, and boxes are shipped every so often to keep the piles small. Without further ado...the awesome stuff that came my way.

Thank you, thank you everyone for the trades. If I neglected to mention a recent trade, forgive me. You are all gentlemen and scholars!