So this past week I made my first trade on here. Let's just say things got off to a quick start!

Awesome '69 Charger in Plum Crazy from Philipilihp!

He also gave me this super cool '49 Willy's Jeep with some Fire Dept. livery

And a RAOK! A sweet Mustang GT Concept. This thing has a clear roof!

Next from Daender, one of the Hot Wheels I have been lusting over is finally mine...

Curiosity Rover!!!

Dat NASA logo...mmmmmmm

Next we have a Tyrrell P34 (!) from Roundbadge

So damn cool...

Next we have from Carnage:

Zamac Continental... such cool, much wow.

And another one that I have been lusting for... the white 993 GT2...mmmmmm

Those hips!

And the last one I have for up here is from IDDavo:

Packard from the '90s, awesome!

Next a Sugar Rush Series II Pikes Peak Celica!

And last but certainly not least, this boss Shelby Cobra 427 s/c in olive drab with the Army Star on it. Coolest cobra I have seen.

Now for the giant cherry on top. My GF has been shaking her head at my hobby, but she was at some antique store ad found this... figured I would like it... maybe...

Yep, that's a Cobra Daytona Treasure Hunt! I've been looking for Cobra Daytonas and she goes and finds a Treasure Hunt!

This thing is awesome, and I think she is a keeper...