As many of you know and can probably relate, I have a metric ton of cars in my collection. I probably have about 500 total which is tiny by some collector standards but vast by mine. The cars range from original 1967 redlines to the latest case cars with a whole bunch from 1998-2002. I collected nearly every car from the year 2000 including series cars and first editions but only because my goal was to obtain every car from that year. Lately I have had a change of heart about these cars and have decided to let a lot of them go to focus my collection on say my top 250 lose/carded castings. It is just time to do it and I am actually very excited about it. I plan to have a garage sale and pretty much give them to kids to hopefully inspire them to race/draw/crash/ect. I also have a friend who is a big time collector who may buy everything I want to let go but I am still more excited about giving them to kids. Either way they will go to good homes.

Here are some pictures from sorting cars last night: