I’d been scoping out this set for quite some time

The Walking Dead Dale’s RV. It slipped threw my fingers once at a store that had on clearance but another one had been teasing me till last night

And about 2 hours later this is what I have

A 1973 winnebago chieftain

The Dale figure can sit inside

It’s not bad but for the price it starred out as I would have expected some more details on the inside (the hide it via the foggy windows)

I mean look at that empty space! The could have added some bulky pre built stuff in it for more details. Heck I used some spare blocks to make the wall behind the drivers seat where the table would go. Even Lego adds more details in the same size RVs.

For scale and to have some sort of die cast the Bug is a 1:32 scale car which fits the size maybe a 1:30 scale would fit better.