Hi Everybody!

I got another neat set from a Chinese company. This one had some trains and cars, and one bus! From what I can tell is that this may have been an old set because I got it from some random convenience store and when I check out the web page for it I got a 404. The company that packaged it is called etitoy, their website is: www.etitoy.com . However when I tried it it failed :/ The brand on the base of the cast is texho and then under it it had napk but the N looked like a Russian n and it had wings around it. Anyway lets get onto the set and the casts!

Here is the logo

The car that got my eye that made me want the set was the UAZ-452


At 1st I put the set back because I did not want to get a whole set for one car but the more I looked at it the more I thought the other casts were cool also!

The next one was a Lada Granta Taxi


Now we have a Chinese locomotive

Apparently the K998 goes from Chengdu to Hailaer takes about 56 hours and 22 mins


Here is Tram 3379... I could not find any information about it :(

Then we have a city bus

And then we have the set together

And in the packaging. If any one knows info about the brands that made this set I would love to learn.