Hi everybody!

I got another set from the guys at YTGF! This time they are fire chief cars... and I think they are the ones that Dubai uses .... because they are Lambos and Ferraris and one “unlucky” fire chief got stuck with the Jag. The doors open and the cars are pullback. The floor pans even have drive line detail so that is nice. The cars that have mid engine even have a detailed engine. One thing I did find interesting is non of the cars had any manufactures labeling. Like the Ferrari did not have the prancing horse, the jag did not have the cat face etc. My research only found a few forum posts about YTGF one on planet diecast say they are not licensed (


). But that is only one guy on the internet. What I do know is I think these are cool and if I see sets I like I will continue to get them! Here are the pics:

This is the set

Dat ass

Here is the Jag, I wish the wheel gap was so pronounced...

Nice detail in the interior

The Ferrari

The Lambo

The FF

So what do you guys think?