Hey all, it's been a helluva ride, but the Torchbug is (thankfully and finally) gone from my hands. These are pictures from the last few days I had with it. There are some pictures from Mulhouse's amazing train museum, some from its mindblowing car museum, some from Freiburg and its weird firefighting gutters, some from the Arc de Triomphe, the Eiffel Tower and the Jewish quarter, which was tear gassed minutes after I left because of a Palestinian protest that turned violent. I do not have the time to post descriptions of all of these pictures. I needed to get them up finally though. They're quite old now. Hopefully the video I'm trying to get up will upload before I leave for the Sounders game.

"I have returned to the Fatherland."

I wish I could talk about each of these independently, but I don't have time to. All I will say is that this little bug brought so many little smiles and chuckles from passersby. It was really nice to see.