Thankfully I don’t have a reason to drive the hour into Halifax on Sundays regularly. Today I was on my way to a car show on the other side of Halifax, so I left home a little early and went in to the city to a flea market that runs every Sunday at an arena complex. I knew there was a diecast seller who was there every weekend, so I went specifically to take a look at his offerings. Yeah, big mistake - blew my monthly hawl budget for June and July out of the water. I was looking at the two or three JL’s he had on the table when he came over and, noticing the “Mopar” shirt I was wearing, asked, “looking for Mopar Johnny Lightnings?” When I said yes, he said “let me dig out a tote for you to look through”...

We had a great chat while I ended up picking out 8 JL’s, 5 carded HW’s, a single MBX and a Hot Wheels Pavement Pounder car carrier. The total was Cdn$ 52.00. He said “Everyone gets a discount when they’re buying a large bunch, what would make you happy?” Thinking we’d negotiate a bit I said $30.00, to which he said “done.”

Johnny Lightnings:

1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda - note the “BONUS! GIANT 17’ x 11’ FOLD-OUT POSTER!” Really? A 17 foot by 11 foot poster is folded up inside that package? I’m guessing when I DLM it in the next day or so I’ll find an 17 x 11 inch poster...

1971 Plymouth Duster 340 - with a car cover!!!

1969 Dodge Dart GTS

1969 Dodge Charger R/T

‘70 Dodge Super Bee - this was just too bizarre to pass up.

‘69 Dodge Charger

1963 Citroen DS Coupe

‘55 Chevy Nomad