I write today’s Land of the Rising Sun(day) post from my hotel room in the Land of the Rising Sun as the sun is rising.

I always love visiting Japan, not only because of its friendly people or great food or even great toy selection. What I love is the fascinating things that I randomly stumble across - like this life-sized Tomica Premium Toyota 86.

The toy version came out on 16 April, and I had bought one a few days ago along with the recently released Subaru 22B. This is the Japan-only 86 GRMN (Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring) and it looks amazing (both the real and toy version).

The other Toyota I picked up or randomly selected is the Toyota 2000gt Kuji which is a part of a recently released set where the boxes are all the same and contains 1 of 10 cars. Very similar to the mystery Hot Wheels but without the codes to tell you what’s inside. I was happy to get the 2000gt although the GT-R in police livery would have been nicer. Apparently the livery on this set are based on real companies that exist in Japan.

Anyway, enough from me. Here are some iPhone quality photos taken from my hotel room.