Was it over the woods and through the river...? no? hah, well.. MY FIRST EVER CUSTOM. I don’t really have any space to work, so it is what it is. I can tell, however, that I’m going to LOVE customizing! Some will be shocked that it’s not a Porsche, however, this WAS my first 1:1. I hope you enjoy!

As you can see, I went THROUGH the river and OVER the woods :D
You can’t see much of the interior detail, but, that’s ok. I’m a noob and this was my first time with enamel.
Why the pontoon on top? For when the water gets too high haha
murdered out tail lights with added detail to the rear wiper, lip over the license plate and rear hatch handle. free hand :/
Up some rocks:)
You can do it....
That’s a job well done:)
Another nice lil spot I crawled up to:)

How I did it was pretty simple. Inspired by the likes of a few IGers like Sharon Tarshish and others. Here’s how I did it: i didn’t have a screw for the suspension, so I just drilled a hole...

My workspace consists of this 8.5x11 sheet of paper heheh
Details freehand... YIKES

Well, that’s that. WAY more to come in the future, but probably not in the immediate future for lack of time:( What do you all think?