Today was a good day. My part of a trade with vdubyajohn arrived and it is truly iHWEPic. For me iHWEPs are a bit like your children, you love them equally but for different reasons. This trade contains some very cool casts and some with a bit of age about them now. This will make DLMing them difficult but not impossible, I hope. As I’m collecting for fun and not cash value I’m not worried about the money side of this, it’s more that they are safe and ‘new’ still. Anyway that’s my issue and I’ll deal with it later! ;)

Sneak peek. Check ‘em out!!! Just beautiful!

But first marvel at the wonderful display of parcel wrapping skills by vdubyajohn, outstanding!

Artisan quality corners, just exquisite.

Just so you know it wasn’t a fluke the other end is just as good!

Ok, getting closer to the treasure contained within.

We’re in!

After removing the carded casts I found the loose ones all wrapped up safe and sound. Such wonderful package work, seriously. Hang on, there were two loose ones in this trade! Is that a ROAK I can smell?

Ok, let’s get a good look at these casts then. That is why you are here after all.

First ever MBX Karmann Ghia for me, I love it!

Hey! This wasn’t on the list! A second ROAK! 33 Ford coupe. Beautiful. It’s from ‘97/98 so around 18 years old now, so long on the inside so it needs freedom!

Always loved these Willys coupes. Especially in this colour. I’ll probably do a wheel swap on this so I’ll DLM it soon.

Now this caught my eye whilst looking at the casts on offer from vdbubyajohn. It’s from 2002 so I almost feel bad about opening this one. I do love it though and I’m sure I’ve heard something about setting things free that you love so...

...I’ll DLM soon but for now appreciate it in its holding cell. It’s awesome, also my first MBX with rubber tyres, ever! Can’t wait to hold it.

The extra details are outstanding and very nicely done. Is this to special to DLM?

1:64 Birds Eye view. So three different variations of the same cast in one parcel! Never had one before so this is great.

100% Hot Wheels ‘63 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse!! Another first for me, and another one that is going to be hard to DLM. This is still fully sealed in its box! I’m going to feel like a grave robber when I set it free. It is in a rather nice acrylic display case so I might take it slow and start by removing that from the outer card. Again at a later date.

Nice semi humorous spiel on the back, is that a nod to a famous band?

I kind of feel bad as I noticed in the recent ‘Hunt’ post that Frosted the boxy car guy is after this exact cast. In my defence this deal was struck weeks before I knew, sorry man. :(

Close up through the case for now.

It’s just wonderful! Love that green glass, it mimics the old green tint well that was used back then, maybe a touch bright but I’m not complaining. I believe it was for cars fitted with AC to help reduce cabin temp so the AC pump wasn’t pushed to hard.

Now for the loose cars photo shoot.

‘32 Hiboy Roadster. I might customise this one, just a little.

The Home Improvements ‘33 Ford Hot Rod. *makes grunting sounds*

Lastly the ROAK and the third of the MBX ‘32 Ford coupes. Love this derilict look, I really want a 1:1 like this, shinny cars are a stress. Derilict cars don’t get damaged, they accumulate patina.

So you made it! Thanks for looking and thanks again vdubyajohn!! Hopefully you receive my part of the trade shortly.