So the Colorado Springs flea market is gold when it comes to finding Hot Wheels. I could have easily doubled my collection with the nice finds here today...

Next weekend there will apparently be a shit load more hot wheels, so I will bring a list of what everyone here is looking for and essentially pig out on hot wheels. I guarantee I can find something for everyone here... one guy told me he is going to bust out a good chunk of his ~5000 piece collection, including original redlines.

I'm stoked, so at the bottom of this, post whatever you are looking for and I can most likely find it.

Anywho, let's get to what I found:

The following are for me... sorry, more near the end are tradeable.

Been holding off on the current GSX because I didn't like the paint scheme... this one was totally worth holding off for.

'67 Charger!

Sorry for the blur... but this is a sweet F355

Really dug the colors on this furai

Laguna Seca Boss!

Faster than ever two-tone GTO on a short card

tesla Roadster on a short card


Only AMC Hot Wheels I have ever seen

faster than ever Grand Sport

Falken AAR Cuda

Final Run Diablo

Phantom Corsair... I wasn't sure about the corsair paint job, but I've never seen one of these before.

Ford GT90 concept! I passed on one earlier when the lay wanted 2 for $3... not worth it when most of her cards were busted

Dixie Challenger!

I love the classics, these are the only fantasies I like to get

This 575 is amazing. The details are great. Even has plastic headlights with the headlamps painted underneath

Nice silvery-blue, right? Can't see it here, but it has an orange stripe/number on the top. Gulf Liveried!

I love Vipers, I can't get enough of em

Sorry for the blur... Chaparral 2D

Awesome caddy

Sweet convertible continental, red interior

This guy had about 4 of these sitting there, all same color combo...

GTSR, mmmmmmmmmmmm

I traded off my Boulevard Cruisers Turbine, so it was great to find the cool classics version, since I have been collecting those. Only a $1 too!

Ok, the next group are tradeable:

Sweet VW on a short card

Callaway C7R

Riley & Scott MkIII, really cool tampos

Pikes Peak Tacoma

I remember Saabstory looking for one of these, he has dibs if he still wants it.

Lamborghini Countach with Lamborghini tampos on it, sorry for the blur

I like the red celica, so I finally went for it

I believe Boxer Fanatic was looking for this guy, I have one loose, so this one is for him if he wants it.

Super cool tampos on this guy, wasn't someone looking for japanese cars?

It's not in red, but a sweet ferrari 308.

Now to share the other finds I made at the grocery store:

I got this guy because my gf and I hike a lot and Bryce Canyon is an awesome destination

The Mopar livery on this is glorious. Definitely one of my favorite finds this year

Figured I should grab this since I have been collecting all the muscle cars. Not a fan of the flames, but that's ok

This guy is available if anyone wants it. Sweet GReddy 370z

Ferrari the Ferrari! Finally found one

Decided to finally go for this cougar, the tampos really make it

Buckled and got the Greenwood corvette too.

Anyways, that was that. I was in heaven for a while and really had to make smart choices on what I wanted. Please list what you want below for next week, the amount of different cars old and new that were available was amazing...

Otherwise let me know which of the trades I listed you are interested in.