This is a big one.

This was my last day in Barcelona. I went to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and took the little guy. Alright tour, but not very long. We did sneak around the circuit a little bit after. It's such a long walk from the train station to the circuit entrance, and it was hot, too. But worth it.

We got up on the podium, right where Lewis Hamilton was (kind of) earlier this year! F1 brings their own podium. Snobs.

There was a Ferrari GT Experience group going around the circuit while we were there. F430s sound NICE.

This is the control room of the circuit.

Box, box, box!

Waiting for mechanics and drivers. And computers and radios. And they will never come.

Bare-bones toilet.

I tried to get back to Barcelona in time to see all of this event, but I was delayed on the train. I only caught the last five minutes of the day of the patron saint Christopher (Christofol in Catalan), but that was enough to get the Torchbug blessed. Yeah. It's blessed. The blessing was something like this: "May, with His word, this tiny car become larger so that you may have a large car that will take you across the world." Good feels. They loved that a 17-year-old was asking to have a toy car blessed. Very nice people.

With the holy lavender and the badge of Sant Christofol.

This is on my aunt and uncle's sailboat which they've lived on for six years around this area. It's a smallish vessel.

This is with a cake for the Sant Christofol day. It's made to look like a steering wheel.

This is a bridge on the Seine. The bug is on the right.

A monument to the dead outside of Jim Morrison's cemetery.

The Eiffel Tower in the background.

La Seine again.

Out of focus Notre Dame.

Is this the Stanley Cup?

Okay, thanks for reading! I have to go now because my desk is becoming a dining area.