I don’t have any of my own OG Batmobile casts to post, a problem I should remidy. I snapped some shots a couple of weeks ago of my mates childhood cars and have been meaning to post them, now seems a fitting time I guess.

Old school cool. Vintage Husky, love the Bat dude on the base.

Dust and patina covered. The little figures are well detailed and pretty cool.

When the cast is pushed along the little red simulated afterburner extends and retracts. The tow hitch is for a long lost Batboat and trailer.

Diecast rot has sadly taken hold on this side of the cast.

This is a huge pressed tin version of the car, full of nice details. I imagine one of these in mint condition would be fairly costly these days.

Comparison with a modern HW cast. Not a bad match although the HW lacks the figures and functioning afterburner of course.

Size comparison that tin toy is massive! It’s one of those motorised random self driving deals. Incredibly noisy if it’s like similar toys I had as a kid.

So most will know about this car and it’s history but for those who don’t here is a paragraph from Wikipedia on the subject:


In the 1960s, the Barris firm became heavily involved in vehicle design for television production. At the beginning of the decade, Barris, who loved extravagant design, had purchased the Lincoln Futura, a concept car of the mid-1950s which had been built by Ghia of Italy. It remained in his collection for several years, until he was rather unexpectedly asked by ABC Television to create a signature vehicle for their Batman television series. Time was very short, as filming would begin in a few weeks, leaving insufficient time for a new design from scratch. Instead, Barris decided the Futura was a perfect base on which to create the Batmobile. Barris hired custom builder Gene Cushenberry to modify the car, which was ready in three weeks. The show was a hit, and the car gained notoriety for Barris. He retained ownership of the Batmobile until an auction on January 19, 2013, when Barris sold it for $4,620,000.[6]

Full wiki page https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Ba…

Here's an interview with the late George Barris where he goes into various details of his custom history as well as the Batmobile.

RIP G.B, thanks for all those awesome cars!