But pretty much only match Porsches, because they’re everywhere. It was supposed to have featured the 70th anniversary of Ferrari as well as Formula Junior, so I took a bunch of Ferraris and a variety of other likely attendees, with only a few Porsches. Turns out there were even less Ferraris than last year, when BMW was featured. Eventually I gave up and just enjoyed the remarkable cars present, sharing them with my oldest daughter. A great day.

The real one was a Japan-run car, said Greddy and Trust on it, close enough.
There’s a 962 in the background, promise

Some 1:1 highlights:

Both recreations, but oh my god
Paper on windshield says “DO NOT WASH THIS CAR. ORIGINAL DIRT FROM 1985.”
I wanted to drive this home
Check out that cool license plate
Best sounding car in the GTP field, better than the 787b
This is my fantasy