About a year ago, I posted an “International HAWL” featuring a series of Norevs that my friend picked up on a trip to Paris. Well, she happened to be in Hong Kong last week and asked if I wanted any souvenirs, and I figured that Tomica would be the easiest and most opportune diecast to find. So, last Wednesday I stayed up past midnight to go shopping with her. First, she wanted to get me a burgundy button-down shirt, but once that was out of the way the Tomica selection began.

Half an hour later and this was what we decided on...
And here they are back in the States a week later!
The Lotus and Lexus were must-haves that I’ve been eying for some time, the Stepwgn is my weakness (Japanese minivans), and the Datsun was a “Why not?” because it’s my first non-TLV Premium Tomica
This Lexus was one that we both agreed on—the first car that I chose and she happened to agree to!
This Evora is another mutually chosen one as well—a casting she was going to choose even if I hadn’t confirmed it!
This Stepwgn is all my doing—only I’m weird enough to request a miniature minivan from thousands of miles across the Pacific!
Again, this was enticing to me as I have only a Motormax 300ZX (a great casting in its own right, but no Tomica), and it is also my first Tomica Premium (non-Limited Vintage)
After the first four, she made me choose from these because I was choosing too many boring/ordinary cars XD
Of course, out of four supercars, I choose the Honda! A gorgeous casting, but apparently not good enough...
She was like, “I want to buy you a Lamborghini though!” So, into the basket went a Centenario because it’s the only 1/64th one out there yet!
Then she flatly said, “You need a Lamborghini police car.” Well, I already have MBX’s Gallardo, but this is far more awesome for sure!
After that I got free reign again, so of course I chose this esoteric Sienta! It may not be pretty, but at least it ain’t a Corolla!
One last one that she threw in at the last minute just to make me laugh—and laugh I did, at 1:30 AM PST!

So, there’s the latest addition to the Moore diecast garage! Again, my friend deserves a huge thanks for this amazing opportunity (again), and she even thanked me for letting her shop for me vicariously! Well, now I have to do my part to repay her by taking us on extravagant adventures in the new XC70! This should be a great last summer before college; thanks for looking everyone, and see you around LaLD!