Trading overseas always wins over buying overseas, the first person I traded (let alone internationally) with is Zeontestpilot. This package travelled from Michigan all the way to Malaysia. If he ever wants to come to Singapore, I'll be more than happy to show him around the small-dot-on-Earth.

ZTP is a great guy to talk to, it all started from a trade discussion, the next thing I knew we share another hobby - Gunpla. I can't stress how much better it is to trade than to buy, becoming friends in the process is wonderful. It also gives me an extra reason to plough through the pegs.

Here're the cars I've received - A 2008 Ford Crown Vic cop car and a 1970 Ford Mustang. I've never had these castings in my collection, these are AWESOME!

To return ZTP's favor, I'll be clocking some tabletop miles before giving each of them a review. They're already out of their packaging as I type this. :D