I tried real hard to only work on ‘Murican cars yesterday. I failed. For some reason I just really wanted that little door back where it belonged.

I can’t actually attach the door til I’m completely done with it. The interior has to be in to squeeze it under the surfboard.

It does fit right, but I don’t want to cram it in there til everything else is done.

It was only a matter of time before the SP4 happened.

And coincidentally the SP 1/2

The GT Fly is looking as fresh as ever.

I was just playing around with some paints. I might keep it this way.

I fixed the base on the 308 (with my fingers). Very flexible metal on a 20 year old base (apparently)

I really like the gold K2SO. (K2PO- C3SO?)

There’s either going to be a Monster truck wheel swap/ or K2's rims will be painted gold. There was a little ‘Murican progress yesterday.

I’m still not sold on the truck bed, but the Convertinental is getting close to being done.

One more of the Bus.

Enjoy your Tuesday.