In case any of you didn’t get the memo, Majorette is back in the U.S. On Wednesday, I walked into TRU and found many, many, many (emphasis on many) pegs chock full of the first wave of Majo’s designated as TRU exclusives in the states. My Instagram DM buddy, The Bell King, told me his store wouldn’t let him walk out with them, but I was fortunate enough to get away with a simple TRU manager override. Therefore, here’s a little preview of what you’ll expect to see very soon, if you haven’t already:

Of the 18 releases available, I picked up half of them AKA the ones that I liked. Priced at $3.49 each, they’re a little on the expensive side, but these castings are very realistic, have working suspension, and some even have opening features. The Boxster and the STi were the two highlights for me; both are new castings that are just about perfect IMO. My only gripe with Majorettes in general is that they are typically on the large side of 1/64 scale, so they will look off when you place them next to a HW or MBX - even more so next to true 1/64 stuff.


There were a couple that were not as plentiful as the others (white GT-R and blue R8), but these should be pretty easy to find. Good luck hunting!