Sure, I’m a bit early. I still haven’t gotten the correct orange for the front lip and rims. I still need to finish the widows and trim. But I just had to share this one now.

Thank you to those of you who have followed this build in the last couple of posts.

Well, here are some pics of the Porsche 935 Jean-Claude Rudé tailgated on his bicycle in hopes of reaching 150mph.


The car started as the Hot Wheels Track Day 935. It is now finished in Rust-Oleum semi-gloss white with Rust-Oleum gloss clear. The decals are once again by Patto’s Place, and they are exquisite. Now, the story and pics!

One of the problems Rudé and, Le Mans winning, driver Henri Pescarolo faced was timing. Getting a very high geared bicycle to keep up with a 935 as it hits full boost, was not easy for either driver or rider to master.

After finally getting in sync, they managed to reach 100mph. Unfortunately, Rudé’s rear tire gave out. Rudé was able to stop his bike without incident, but they were out of time for the record attempt.

While in talks with Michelin about making a more durable tire, Rudé also wanted to understand to affects of air resistance.

When the Porsche would pull too far away Rudé would be hit with what he described as a wall of air.


I’ve found a few conflicting reports, but the the most likely one is that Rudé had an accident while testing wind resistance.

According to one of the reports, Rudé rode his bike close to train tracks as a train was speeding towards him. Supposedly, as the air hit Rudé he was thrown from his bike into a group of trees and died on the scene.

I’ve been unable to find the fate of the unique 935. I’m sure that Porsche most likely removed and discarded the modifications and returned the car to racing specs.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this build so far, as it may be my last for a while.

The new little boy in our lives has taken up a lot of time. My wife and I also tend to my elderly mother and I am learning how to help her transition into the next phase of her life.


With all of this going on, I also received a sort of promotion at work and will start training then schooling soon.

Customizing time will soon be almost non-existent, but I’ll be keeping a notebook filled with ideas!