..cold here now I’ve opened my refrigerator and I’m sitting in front of it to get warm. My cans of ‘Liver Flush™” are outside to keep cold, in fact I need to bring them inside before they turn solid. The weather App says its 2.0c and feels like -0.8c, I believe it. So let’s “celebrate” this wonderful climate and our time together so far. In honour of this occasion I have assembled what I consider the coolest models that I’ve acquired during my renewed love of the cast.

These be they;

You all know these ones. There’s more casts below the tunes.

Some theme music for those who enjoy music....

This is a classic ‘80s track from DEVO, I had not seen this clip before so the intro was a bit of a surprise for me. ‘It’s a beautiful world’.

Or this song, it’s cold, life’s cold...’She’s so cold’ from the cockroaches* of the rock era, The Rolling Stones!

* not an insult.



Welly Chevrolet 3100 Pick Up (UTE!) 1953. 1:24

Welly Kit, VW 911 Beetle. Altitude by TFH. 1:24

MBX Chevrolet 3100 (UTE!) 1957. 1:43

Welly Type 2 kit, lowered by gravity (and some filing of the axle supports). 1:24

Holden Monaro GTS 350, 1969. 1:32

Good evening.