Late nineties tuner car culture was an interesting time to say the least. The baby boomer generation had invested heavily in fuel efficient, reliable, imported vehicles through the late 80’s and early 90’s. As they upgraded from these cars in favor of SUVs and Camrys... the venerable Civics, Corollas, and Proteges got handed down to a generation of excited men and women that wanted to modify these boring (yet fun to drive) econoboxes.

Hotwheels, keeping their fingers on the pulse of car culture, released this heavily Modified 1:18 scale Honda Civic in 2000. One year before the game-changing “The Fast and the Furious” film was released and made tuner car culture mainstream to the masses. Life for every Honda Civic has never been the same since.

This cast absolutely defines everything about tuner cars in the year 2000. Tinted windows? Check. Powerful Amplifiers for upgraded car audio system? Check. Color matching seats and door panels? Check. Decals... everywhere! Check X 100. Oversized Fart Cannon exhaust? Check. Upgraded carbon fiber hood? Check? I never understood why people would upgrade the hood to carbon fiber when they are dumping 200 lbs of car audio in the trunk. But hey! These were craaaaaazy times. People were seriously addicted to finding ways to modify their cars. It was great (mostly).

The Fast and the Furious was both good and bad for the scene. It made the popularity explode, which was nice because it drove prices on upgrades down quite a bit (supply and demand). But, on the downside, many many many poor cars met their fate due to people making uneducated modifications to their cars. It was sadly common to see a modified Honda Civic belching out blue or grey smoke from the tailpipe.

*a moment of silence for the fallen Honda Civics*


Anyways, I absolutely love this cast. Not just because it is very nicely done and detailed. But, it also represents an interesting time for Car Culture as a whole. This is a time capsule in diecast form.