100% Hot Wheels 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse. 100% awesome!!

Some of you may already know this was part of the iHWEP from vdbubyajohn, if not now you do. When I saw this in his trade stock I fell in love, plus it’s a 100% HW! I didn’t have any 100% HW before this and I was curious to see if the hype was justified. It is. So I had a bit of a dilemma when I first held this in my hands. It’s original box was fully intact and it caused me to second guess my usual rule as far as DLMing everything.

Luckily I noticed it had a very slight bit of damage on one corner of the box at the front, YAY! It’s not like the box is mint so why not crack it open? Plus I was warned by Live slow, die cast. that the rubber bands holding up the bonnet are known to react the the paint and can cause some damage. There was no way I could leave those bands on any longer. Only way to get them off is obvious.

After the first cut the rest was easy.

Just some warranty leaflets in the void.

Well hello!

Such a nice display case.


I forgot to get shots of the engine in the pictures below but had this one from earlier.

Ok, I guess I’ll leave you with some pictures of this drop dead gorgeous cast from Hot Wheels. Marvel at the amazing level of detail, brilliant work by HW. I should add this is all metal apart from the windows and interior of course, it’s a heavy bit of special.

I’m back. So I took some shots for size comparison as this is a fairly large cast. It states that it’s 1:64 scale. The Chevy Delivery seems to match its scale but I’m kind of guessing as I’ve not seen these side by side in 1:1.

Here’s the ‘69 Cadillac Sedan Deville from MBX, it’s in 1:75 scale, I was hoping to pair these up as a funeral fleet but didn’t know just how big the Fleetwood was until I got it in person. Not that I’m disappointed at all. This hearse is just brilliant.

Alright, looking at this hearse for so long is giving me an uneasy feeling. Something is making me feel strange, I can smell a faint hint of death in the air...

Oh, it’s just this creep. What’s he want?

That door dosen’t open, stupid freak.

Alright, you have reached the dead end of the post. If only I got this back in October!

I had trouble with cut/paste of the specific section on this model year and also this hearse in particular is hard to come by apparently. Here’s the best I got; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadillac_…

Thanks for looking and thanks so much vdubyajohn for this magnificent cast and trade!