My wife says I am obsessive. This is how much I’ve amassed in only 4 months. I like trying to get all variations of my favorite cars. I just bought some cases for storage....but will need more cases. Gotta save money for some Carney wall displays too.

About 500 cars so far. Mostly JDM and Euro cars.

Off road vehicles...yum!

So organized!

For that one slot that is a double slot, cut out your blister pack and insert it in. Now cars will stay put. You can do it for the single slots too if you want your cars to not roll at all

Behold! Slot dividers

My 3 Supers and their normal counterparts. I also have a dodge van super treasure hunt but don’t really like it. I’d rather have the Tundra, AE-86 or Supra super.

Conflicted.....I have one more slot for another skyline but I like the packaging.

Paid too much for some of my cars on eBay....but these two loose Bugattis made up for it because I got each for 50 cents at a flea market.

Why can’t all Hot Wheels be high quality like these %100 Hot Wheels?

Why so many Vipers?

Gotta collect them all!

Just ordered 10 more cases from Amazon for cheaper than what I got them for at JoAnns. Also, free 1 day delivery so I will get it tomorrow. Wow!