Got back from vacation a little earlier and was very excited to shoot what I got. More quality over quantity with this time around. I fought myself to only get JDM cars and almost succeeded.

The first thing that I bought was a HW NSX from walmart. The stores by me have been 2-3 cases behind so I was happy to finally find this guy.

The gf and I needed to make a grocery run to prevent us from spending toooo much on dinner. Of course I found some toys.

I found this 1/30something scale RMZ City Hawk Eye Impreza. For 5 bucks, I HAD to have it. But the weird part was the HW selection. 6 pegs on an endcap. All cars from 2012/2013. Mostly fantasy with a couple JDM cars. I almost walked away until a race livery caught my eye at the back of the pegs. It’s not Japanese but I couldn’t resist. I’ve only seen them in 10 packs.

My mother gave me a 10 dollar TRU card a couple weeks ago and I’ve refrained from using it as I knew there was a TRU right over the Delaware Memorial Bridge (no sales tax in DE makes shopping a no brainer). Holding out paid off when I found this Maisto All Stars 370z. Normally I only find blinged out Mustangs. JDM and euro stuff was really not popular in the areas that I visited.

And finally, the crown jewel. My new favorite piece. A model that I cannot put down and stop looking at. A JADA Import Tuner Nissan Silvia S15. I found this at a flea market in Delaware for 20 bucks. I’ll do a feature tomorrow for Rising Sun-day if anyone else here wants to see.