I want to preface by saying that this is all vdubyajohn’s fault. He had that AeroVette that was intriguing. I got down an internet rabbit hole where I discovered that JL had more Corvette concept castings than what I was aware of. Then I found this on eBay for $20 delivered. At $2/car, how could I say no?

Answer, I couldn’t.

I’ve had this sitting under my desk for a bit, but I decided to crack it open today as we had a bit of sunshine that was gone before I got to the picture taking.

The tape on the outer box was cut/broken, but the inner part was sealed to the cardboard. But not for long!

In roughly chronological order, we’ll start with the ‘54 Corvette Nomad.

I already have this one in brown, but it’s a lovely blue (although the lighting here is not quite up to the task of showing it) and it’s good to have two because of the question of whether to display it with the Corvettes or the wagons. Although the idea of Venn diagram display shelves is appealing, having two is probably the better solution.

Next, the ‘57 Roadster:

‘62 Roadster:

Whoops! Fortunately, I noticed the hubcap falling on the floor as I opened the package, so it was an easy fix.

Moving from the conventional to the wacky, the 1965 Mako Shark II:

Unfortunately, the aero on the concept car was extremely problematic, so it took GM a couple years to get the C3 into production.

Of course, that meant another year of the C2, so I guess in retrospect we shouldn’t complain. Here’s the ‘67:

The lines of the hardtop C2 are so perfect that it’s a shame to mess with it, but this one is in a great BRG (again, my pictures don’t show it, so you’ll just have to trust me) that I can forgive the ragtop.

Skipping ahead, the car that caused this purchase in the first place, the 1980 AeroVette:

This car actually started life as the ‘73 XP-882 with a midship Wankel 4-rotor. The Wankel was replaced with a V8 in 1980 and the car was rechristened as the Aerovette.

It seems like a move backward, but we still have to get through the last gasp of the C3 body-style, the 1982 T-Top:

In 1985, GM introduced the next mid-engine Corvette concept, the Corvette Indy:

Unfortunately, the way the cars were wired in the packaging, some of the suffered paint damage on the rear passenger side wheel arch from rubbing against the packaging. It was particularly bad on this car.

Although the engine moved back to the front a number of the styling cues were retained for the ‘92 Stingray III:

Frankly, it’s an ugly bugger, but nice to have for completeness. I also have the MBX version, but this one is more accurate to the 1:1 car.

Finally, and a welcome addition to my rather thin ranks of C4's, the ‘95 ZR1:

And, for fun, some group shots:

Thanks for looking!