Here’s mine so far.

I still haven’t finished detailing it. The clear coat really screwed up the edges of the lime green. I’m debating stripping it and redoing the paint.

Those edges were so crisp before the clear coat. AHHHH!!!

I should have removed that rear post, but I’d already removed the front one. That’s where I’m at on the June Custom Challenge. It seems a month isn’t enough time for many of you to join in on the fun. So lets do a “Summer” custom challenge. The Summer Custom Challenge is European Hot Rod/Rat Rod. The only rules are 1) Use a European car/truck. 2)turn it into a Hot Rod/Rat Rod. I’ll be putting this lovely Bugatti through some uncomfortable procedures.

I’m gonna have a hard time not turning this into Daffy Ducks head. That’s all I see when I look at it. Lol.

Have a little Thursday on the Thames (bad lighting edition)

Datsub Update

Hopefully the plastic in the wheel wells works better. I’ll give it a few days to fully harden before sanding it flush. I got the delivery date on the Jetsons car (for the dome). June 15-28... It must be coming from Antarctica.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Enjoy your Thursday.