So I stopped by my local Target on my way home from work and found these


And now the part where karma came a calling. You see, I had to pay for that $TH twice. Once at the register, obviously. But when I got out to my car, the car opposite mine in the lot had the hood up with a couple of girls (*?) by it. Now to be honest, when I parked, I noticed the headlights were on and it didn’t look like anyone was in the car, but I didn’t investigate very closely. So they had secured someone to come jump-start the car but I was there and in position so I said I could do it. The driver of the car was an employee at Target and had left her lights on since 8:30 in the morning and it was after 5pm when I went out there. So we got her car started and off they went after it ran hooked for about 10 minutes.


If this is the price I have to pay to the Karma Police for finding a $uper, then so be it. I would have helped even if I didn’t find the HW so that was a bonus to me.

*Before you start hearing wocka chicka wocka chicka music in your heads, one of them I’m honestly on the fence about because skinny, young and looked like a girl looking like a boy, if you know what I mean. May have been a young boy (highly doubt it) but I don’t care. I’m just happy I could help them out. Karma! :)

Happy hunting and be good to people.