An international market opened up next to me awhile back and while hoping for hot wheels, matchbox or some other brand of die cast to show up I was disappointed when nothing showed up yet. Yet I did find some amusement with a knock off brand of plastic trucks cought my eye.

The cab reads “LARGE TRUCKS” but the dump bed reads “LARGE TR CKS” and from the other side it also looks to be missing a “U” thinking this is some sort of error

But when I looked at the back of the box

The same thing! I just get a kick out of finding really bad knock offs like this that 1 possible mistake get carried over to the product shot and instead of fixing it the whole line gets made with the same screw up!

A bonus for laughs

An image of a knock off transformer called Galaxy Shuttle with Voltron head and it’s lion heads for feet and hands(must have been a lonely night in space)

And just read this box I guarantee you’ll start laughing