Hello people from LaLD! Welcometo my review of my 1:18 scale Koenigsegg Agera, made by AUTOart. Today i will be looking at the interior

This is how you see it from the outside. The interior is highly detailed and looks just like the real car, with lots of carbonfiber.

This is it from above. I don’t have words for the awesomeness...

This is inside the cockpit. Here you can see more of the specific details, like the steering wheel and the buttons in the center. Also the only thing on this car AUTOart didn’t do good on this model: the logo on the console.

Even the gas and break paddles are highly detailed.

The steering wheel is not so detailed as the rest of the interior, but the screens behind the steering wheel are nicely detailed.

Here you can see the Agera Stripe in the middle of the dashboard, which is also on the spoiler and the hood.

The name of the car is on the dashboard, just in case you forget what you are driving...

Between the seets there is more carbonfiber, and also the boxes for music i think.

More carbon.

The inside of the door is also detailed pretty good.

Even the seatbelt looks pretty realistic.

Thank you guys for the support, and stay tuned for part 5 of the review, which is coming i think tomorrow or maybe tonight. Bye!!