In 1976, Ferrari englarged their flat-12 engine to 4942cc and created the 512 Berlinetta Boxer (BB). The rest of the car was improved and in detail the 512 had many new changes.

The new engine was capable of 360 bhp with a compression ratio of 9.2:1. To deal with the new power, a dual-plate clutch was installed. A dry sump lubrication system was also included to help the car scavenge oil.

Compared to the 365 GT4 BB, the body was wider at the rear for larger tires a revised suspension. Other new features included a NACA side air vents for the rear brakes, a lower front nose with new spoiler and four rear taillights versus 6 on the 365.

Over a five year production run nearly 1000 512 BBs were produced until the model was upgraded to include Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and became known as the 512i BB.

Well here we have it the 512 BB and of course I had a minor fender bender driving it over to the shoot I scraped the paint of the left hand side near the nose. I have to fix this or replace the car all togeather. Oh I also broke the mirror in the crash. So I think Kyosho did a fantastic job with this model. The paint is great the logos,proportions lights are all accurate. I especially like the Amber turn signals out front. Kyosho has improved Leaps and bounds over the 365 in almost every faset of the game. Fantastic car and worth having fOr you BB guys.

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