I added this to my few favorite 1/64 F1 cars after some contemplation. I’m not a big Vettel fan, more of a RB10 Ricciardo fan really (After his win in Canada in 2014).

I decided on this one mainly because I like the Kyosho 1/64 cars, and this was the last year of the Suzuka winners series (2012) so it was close enough for me. Most of the RB bulls onward look very similar anyway, especially in 1/64 size.

Kyosho did a really great job as usual. I can understand how hard it is to do such a tiny modern F1 car. The most noticeable detail for me is the tire texture. They nailed the tire surface, which really helps the car look right!

I have to admit, after a few years of Schumacher/Ferrari domination years ago, I had slowly tuned out of F1. I only decided to start to pay more attention to Formula 1 for the 2012 season, so this car does represent that for me. I enjoyed watching Red Bull pull together a great team, but I’ve never been a big fan of any particular teams or personalities.

Now I try to watch an F1 race when I can, I’m usually only waiting for a good dicey race move or battle.


I was thrilled to see Kyosho having so many 1/64 F1 cars, since my collecting is very strictly set to 1/64 cars only (I only collect larger scale cars of real vehicles I’ve owned, or realistically plan to).

Thanks for looking.