Today we have my growing LaFerrari collection. This is not a review just a excuse to pull a few of these cars out. Happy Thursday and thanks for looking.

The BBurago La Ferrari is a decent representation of the hyper car. It rides a bit high and the lack of side windows take away from it. The omission of the retractable wing is ridiculous considering it’s their premium option.

This is the one to get the HWE car is reasonable good everything is there. I don’t like that the body gaps are huge but everything opens and it can be had for well below 150$. Gota say some sloppy Tampo work :(

Love it in yellow.

Daddy my favorite car is a pink LaFerrari says my little girl. I say there is no such thing dear ;) BBR says other wise. One of twenty

Just a beautiful color that I have failed to capture another BBR one of ten.

Lordy lord it’s a amazing color in the flesh one of ten.

This is my modern hyper monster crush sorry Zonda R I have moved on. Pictures don’t do this one justice, one of ten.

A few hyper cars came out to play. Looks like I need a bigger table.

No I Gota put all this crap back ugggggggg!