Well we all love cars here obviously, but I also have a love for aircraft. Especially WWII military aircraft. Having my father be a fighter pilot in the air force certainly helped.

Anywho I wanted to share the only diecast of an aircraft I have. My favorite plane from WWII: the P-40E Warhawk.

Here we have the P-40E from Matchbox's Platinum Collection. I believe 1:72 scale, it doesn't say.

Flying Tigers baby!

Love the shape of the P-40

Nice details in the cockpit as well

Sharknose! Also check the detail from the exhaust! Btw that's the shark nose going on my custom cobra (whenever I get around to it...)

Col. Scott ended up becoming a Brigadier General in the Air Force and he flew in Burma and China during WWII.

I love the Flying Tigers

Prop is excellent

Overall this model is excellent and all diecast besides the prop and glass. The details are wonderful and everything fits very nicely together.

Anyone else around here collect diecast aircraft?