A roundup of all the awesome Reviews on Live And Let Die-cast.

Hello everyone! I'd like to apologize for the late post but there are a trillion things going on at the moment not including all the stuff here at work right now lol. I had a chance a little while ago to go through posts I haven't seen, starred , and commented on. Such quality content for you LaLDers. Much much appreciated and thanks a bunch from me to to my fellow rad mods :] So many kickass HAWLs lately also. You peeps have a good eye for sure. Even my wife had a couple HAWLs posts she surprised me with last week lol :] Given her dad's die-cast addiction, it doesn't surprise me.

We'll start this week's Review of Reviews with a post that literally cause my heart to explode in a thousand pieces. Good thing I was bale to save them in a cooler and the doctors put me back together. What could cause this? Oh... just our buddy Huzer's review of a EXOTO WILLIAMS FW14B!!!!!!! (explosion sounds) To wet your pants while reading a rad review, click the link below.

Next up, Benjamin Rolland bait at it's finest. Our buddy fintail does a sweet review of when world collide with a Tomica Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Yes, from Tomica :] Oh man this thing makes me feel all sorts of good on the inside. It is begging for some gangsta customization for sure. To see this awesome review, click on the purple cheetah wrapped link below.

Oh man this next die-cast reminds me of my youth sooo much. The oh so awesome ZTP reviews a Autoworld 1984 Chevrolet Camaro. Duuuude this thing is so rad. I really like this gen Camaro. It was not perfect in real life but Autoworld did a premium job with this diecast. I suggest everyone to take another look at this rad review. To check it out, click the link below.

Our buddy Frosted (adult version) did a couple rad reviews this time round. First up, Frosted purchased some Choro Q cars for the first time and maaaan they are coool! One of a Nissan Cube obviously and the other in the set was a Nissan March. Awesome little things. See the link below.

After those rad cars, Frosted also made an awesome review of a HW Color Changer Mistubishi Lancer Evolution X. It was a semi difficult find but totally worth it and a great addition to the Japanese die-cast conquest. To check out this cool review, click the link below.

No Concours d'Modella this time round :'( But.....

LaLD recent 1:18 guru Brickman pretty much made me the most jealous person ever with an AWESOME!!! set of reviews. First, the extremely well made Toyota XJ Cruiser by AutoArt. I freaking love the XJ Cruiser an this die-cast is insanely rad. Continues to out due these reviews. To read it, click the link below.

Speaking of, it just gets better with a review of an AutoArt Lexus GS400. As some of you know, I used to be a Lexus Master Tech. Toyota/Lexus is such a good company to work for. These were the last era of such solid sedans. Audi A6 (C5), Mercedes E-320 (W210), Lexus GS300/400, and BMW 5 Series (e39). I truly believe those cars were that last fine examples of their brands. Awesome review by Brickman, check it out by clicking the link below

until next time LaLDers, now BACK TO WORK!!!