Hi folks! Long time no post. I’m getting very enthusiastic about all things JDM of late. I guess it shows a little bit in my lastest HAWL. I bought some of these a while ago, but only managed to get them out of their boxes on Saturday.

Ottomobile Nismo 400R

I really like this model, it’s a fantastic example of why resin is a great medium for 1/18 scale and Ottomobile prices their offerings really competitively (are you listening Auto Art?). The detail is top-notch and the model is a great example of what I think is the best-looking of all the GT-Rs.


Next up is my Auto Art Wangan Midnight Akuma No Z, this arrived a long time ago but I only made space for it last week!

Next, the Auto Art Wangan Midnight Blackbird 930. I’ve been waiting for this for a LONG time and I was delighted when Model Citizen offered a pre-order for it. I’m no expert on Japanese animated products, however I am a sucker for modified cars in diecast form, so this needed buying!

Next up is Auto Art’s Inital D Trueno. Now if I understand this correctly this isn’t the anime version, rather the one in the movie. Again, I’m not an expert, but it’s a bloody lovely model and it comes with some very entertaining little details.

Eyes up.

Eyes down.


Holy anime crossover Batman!

Then there’s these two, unfortunately there’s no space for them at the moment, but I’ll unbox them eventually!

I lay the blame squarely at androoo’s feet for this one!

I’ve also updated my complete list of models with the new additions.