It’s still Saturday here but I couldn’t wait any longer to post this. I’ve wanted this model for about a year now since I first saw it on eBay. The price back then was an absurd 150USD. But it popped up on Amazon for 45 bucks. What it is is a 1/43 scale Carnel Nissan Cube Yokohama Live-Saving Operations Vehicle. I ordered this about 2 weeks ago from Japan and today it arrived. I can’t tell you much about the company Carnel as I cannot find anything about them online. I can say though that there are other Yokohama Live-Saving Operation vehicles available from this company. These pieces are limited to 1000 and come on a plinth with a display case, which mine has yet to leave.

Here’s their full line of 1/64 and 1/43 scale models -

Without further ado, here’s my 2009 Nissan Cube Rescue Vehicle:

I’m very happy to have this model and can def forsee more Carnel models making their way into my collection.