When the Galactic Express was first released, it seemed to take the Hot Wheels world by storm. All the major Instagram accounts were featuring it. It was even popping up in JDM car magazines. I liked the first one, and thought it was pretty cool that Hot Wheels continued their Bosozoku style casts started with the Mad Manga. I wasn’t super crazy about the colors or the graphics, but it was definitely a piece I wanted in my collection.

Last week I found the recolor and snatched it immediately. This was what they should have released the Galactic Express as first. This color scheme is perfect! Especially with the Gundam-esque robot on the side. And while it does include a Mad Manga again, it’s just the main line release from last year that I already have. But I’m glad they did the recolor, and hope they decide to do one for each version of the Mad Manga they’ve released. Now, without further ado, the photodump. Happy Sunday everyone!