From the very first Skyline GT-R, we jump straight into the very last one for this week's 日本の日曜日. But wait, isn't there the R35 GT-R? Well, you see, Carlos Ghosn dropped the 'Skyline' moniker for the R35 because he didn't want the flagship of Nissan to share the same badge of with a sedan.

That's why the R34 is special, aside numerous reasons; the R34 is last GT-R to wear the Skyline badge. Nissan still makes Skyline, except they're executive sedans without the genes to turn into a Godzilla. As someone who grew up in the '90s, the R34 (along with the R33 and R32) has a special place in my heart, most memorable are tales of tuning the RB25DETT and the car to travel at over 300km/h on the Wangan.

I was ashamed of not having an R34 in my fleet and wanted to changed that, but that was in mid '00s and I had pretty missed the opportunity to buy the regular Tomica release available in retailers; the offerings on eBay were a big rip-off as always until I bump into this. For what is essentially a toy car made in the late '90s, it looks pretty decent, the painted rear tail lights that are the signature profile of the car are enough to win me over.

It may not be the best 1:64 model out there, but none of that matters when you go on adventures anywhere in the house.

Skyline GT-R, 1969 - 2002