So what then is a Tommykaira ZZ?

In short, it's a Japan's answer to the Tesla Roadster. An Electric Car solely focused on performance.

Their website proudly proclaims the stats:

0-100km in 3.9 seconds.


415NM Torque

That's pretty nice going for an electric car! This Roadster does not offer much in terms of creature comforts - it is purely designed to go fast - much like Lotus or the Tesla Roadster.

Tommykaira is in many ways an unusual company. They started off tuning Mercedes cars, before turning their attention to the more usual fare of Skylines, Subarus and Toyotas.

And while their first car had a conventional (Nissan) engine, it was manufactured in England!

As for the casting, it is the now common Tomica mix of the very nice with somewhat obvious (and petty) cost cutting measures. The shape is well captured, the paint is shiny and well applied, but the interior is crude and the absence of the roll bar almost inexplicable. How much would that have cost to include? 10 cents? I don't know.

I'm more than happy to have this one in my collection, but knowing how good Tomica can be makes the glaring mistakes in some of their recent releases all the more annoying.

PS: Here's the Tommykaira website of you want some details on the real thing:

Tommykaira ZZ