It’s always baffled me that Tomica never got around to making a proper Toyota MR2. At least until now. Sure, there was the #24-4 Toyota SV-3 - also later labelled as the “MR2 Protoype” (which it was) - but until now, no proper production MR2 graced the Tomica line-up.

Tomica 24-4 Toyota SV-3 or MR2 Protoype

But even now, the MR2 was smuggled into production in an almost clandestine way - not properly announced, but simply added as an “Event Model” available only to those who attend one of the Tomica Events in Japan.

And yet, looking at the model, it is so nice you’d think Tomica would want to shout about it from the roof tops. It’s one of those models I don’t like putting away after the photo shoot. The more I look at it, the more I like it.

We are looking at a second generation or “W20" MR2 here, and the lines are really well captured, the tampo details spot on and the whole thing is flawlessly put together. There are those who won’t like the wheels, but to me this is one model where they look just right.

My only complaint is that at least for the moment, you have to pay scalper prices to get one. Unless you happen to be in Japan and are able to visit on of those Events. I snagged one for a reasonable price on a Japanese auction - but reasonable is still more than I normally like to pay.

So then - what does the future hold for this casting? It certainly won’t ever be part of the main line - nor can it ever be a Limited Vintage of Premium. That really only leaves one option - becoming part of the “Dream Tomica” Initial D line-up. After all, it is already 95% there.

But I couldn’t wait until they finally release it that way, and you just never now, sometimes these things hit a snag and never happen...