Super Supra!

This lovely Toyota is from the latest batch of Tomica Premium to hit stores. Comes with opening doors and a plethora of superb tampos. But I was left kinda disappointed by the casting...

I did a bit of researching, and discovered this......

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The casting Tomica chose to make depicts the 1996 version of the JZA80, complete with the optional side skirting and rear bumper garnish. Tomica even replicated the exact rims as in the options package! The pic above shows the 1996 options catalogue for that year’s Supra. While I feel that it is long overdue for Tomica to give us a nice premium Supra, I would personally have liked a stock model and not one with the skirting.

But that’s just my take on this car. Nonetheless, I like it, and I’d recommend it to you guys. Grab one while it’s still available.

Thanks for viewing! Cheerio