Here’s a closer look at that TLV-N that just came in.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, save for this tidbit; the first Gran Turismo (the game where I learned JDM had their own market car models back in 1998) calls this generation the 70 Supra, a reference to it’s A70 chassis code. On some screens it also called it the Supra III, denoting it’s third generation status, which is awesome to a car nerd like me, but I digress...

To my knowledge, the A70 had three models, the code prefix depending on which of three engines was under the hood.

GA70: 1G-GTE 2.0L twinturbo 210ps

JZA70: 1Jz-GTE 2.5L twinturbo 280ps

MA70: 7M-GTE 3.0L turbo 240ps

According to the Goo Net specs website, the GA70 and MA70 sold alongside each other in 1989, and in the fall of 1990 the JZA70 replaced the MA70 as the top model in the lineup.

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