I patiently waited for Sunday before freeing this little fella from his plastic tomb.

But Sunday is here. So, lets get him out of there.


The tampos are exquisite. All around it’s done extremely well.

The badges are so freaking small. The SC430 badge was a bit difficult to get a pic of.

After a bit of research. I believe it was made by a Chinese company called Road Signature. If I ever come across another of their cars at this scale (I believe 1/87) I will definitely buy it.

And now for another installment of Noodles attempts to accidentally cut off his fingers.

That hurt. lol

That’s all I’ve managed to do so far. A bit more trimming then the green piece will be stripped and attached. This will be the last WIP post for the Datsub. It should be together for the next Land of the rising Sunday post. As for that funky looking thing behind it. I’ll give it an update tomorrow, when it’s ‘Murican engine donor gets DLMed. Enjoy what’s left of your weekend.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.