Ok, I cheated and you caught me! This 2002 NSX carries the Acura badge, but this is one of the few 1:18s that I have and also one of the first models that I tried to “photograph” so kindly excuse the less than optimum quality!

This 2002 Acura NSX was perhaps the 1.5 generation with minor facelifts, the most obvious being the popup headlamps from the original version being ditched in favor of a fixed unit.

But this (and a few other less obvious updates) weren’t really enough to be a game-changer for an aging car and Car& Driver likened them to “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic”.

This (as I mentioned earlier) is a Motormax 1:18, but I am definitely not qualified enough to talk about the model and so I will just leave you with some of these potato quality pictures!