Another swap meet, another HAWL. This time I tried to keep things reasonable and only concentrate on Jaegermeister or Martini liveried cars.

I failed.

Let me start with a Jaegermeister VW Scirocco, made by the hitherto unknown Best of Show. It’s a lovely little thing, resin construction and remarkably good value.

Next up is another Jaegermeister. This time a Spark Porsche 962, once again in resin. This one wasn’t as cheap, however it’s really a fantastic model.

Yes, that is a front wing.

And now comes the part where I failed to stick to the script. I’ve always had a hankering for a CMC Ferrari, but the money asked for one was just a bit too salty for my tastes. Then I saw this 250 SWB out of the corner of my eye. This model is one of CMC’s earlier efforts and the 1/18 market it a bit weird, sellers can look at slightly older models in one of two ways. Option 1, it’s old, it’s in the way, I need to make room for new stock so I’ll knock some money off to get it out the door. Option 2, it’s old, they don’t make it any more, let me slap a 55% mark up on the old list price and label it ‘New-Old Stock.’ This seller luckily fell into the Option 1 category and when he threw a price €80 down on the sticker I damn near tripped over myself in my haste.

Yes, that is the air valve on that wheel rim.

While I was at it, I took a couple of pictures of the Gran Turismo McLaren F1 from a previous HAWL.

Tiny helmet!

I took a few more pictures of the 1/43 stuff and I’ll share them later in the week.