Ok. So I’ve been sitting on some stuff that I’ve picked up over the last couple of weeks and it got so bad that I was having trouble remembering what I’ve shown and what I haven’t shown. Part of that was because I went to a small toy show and picked up several cars that I thought were cool. And then promptly started processing a bout with the flu. But, without further ado, the latest additions.

Some of the latest Redline HWs and the AW Mustang SVO in red. I already have the grey one so this is a nice addition. The HW SVO is my second actually. The first one had problems getting glued at the factory and so the blister is most of the way off.

These next cars are what I picked up at the toy show. These are the Mustangs I found. I’ve got the yellow and Blue convertibles already but these cards were in better shape.

Skyline, Civic and 300ZX for some JDM love, and a Custom ‘69 Chevy pickup.

Love the F355 Challenge! The racing livery is too cool. The ‘58 Corvette was picked up because I couldn’t remember if I had it or not. The pickup is awesome in that lowrider style and the Camaro was just pretty.

I found this ‘Cuda and the cars below at the antique mall. The Sol-Aire kept catching my eye every time I would see it so I finally grabbed it. The Porsche was just because.

Picked these guys up recently because Fords. Excellent work on these casts!

This one was obviously found at Target due to the snowflake card, but I bought it because this fantasy cast is very much an LMP car in every way. And a great fantasy car at that.

Finally, the awesome results of my HWEP with dtg11! I finally have a Snoopy (never saw one on the pegs) AND, the Father & Son Collector Pack from Avon! I have both of these cars individually, but not this pack. This set will definitely be going on the Mustang board with my other carded HW Mustangs!

Thanks for looking!