Coming into “Happy Hour” at Le Mans, the sun rising, bringing with it hope. Though there is a full days’ racing ahead, dawn is a special time in endurance racing. If you’re still standing in pitlane you’ve not gone bump in the night, an accomplishment in itself.

The order hasn’t changed much, with Toyota and the #2 Porsche trading P1 at pit stops. Waiting in the wings is the second Toyota in 3rd, on the same lap. Lurking 2 and 12 laps down respectively are both Audi R18s. Unfortunately Rebellion, one of my favorite teams, has had a hard time overnight, with their #12 car having dropped from 5th to 41st. Still a tight race in GTE as well, all Ford vs Ferrari as I’m sure the organizers were hoping for. But there’s a lone Aston Martin still on the lead lap for GTE, which could play spoiler to the Ford/Ferrari plans if they run into problems. Only one lap back are one Ford GT from the UK squad, and flying under the radar are both Corvettes 1 and 2 laps back. Both factory GTE Porsches and both AF Corse Ferraris are out. You never know what’ll happen, it’ll be a long morning in France and a long night here in California!